The ceiling fan industry is onto the transition from 220V motor to the new BLDC Motor. BLDC Motor is the new revolution in the fan industry and it is only a matter of time before all old inefficient induction motor fans will be replaced by smart super-efficient BLDC fans commonly known as AC/DC Fans in Pakistan.

We have introduced this revolutionary technology in 2013 in Pakistan. As we were the first manufacturer of BLDC fans this is the most common question that we are getting from our customers. What is BLDC Motor's working principle? How is it better than a normal conventional motor?


The full form of the BLDC motor is a Brushless Direct Current Motor. For the BLDC motor, there are no brushes used between the rotor and the stator for transferring electric supply so it was named Brushless DC motor. The rotation in the BLDC fan is mainly based upon a fixed magnet rotor it holds within the body. Copper winding is used in the stator which produces magnetic which results in rotation.

BLDC Driving Principle:


The main advantage is that, As there is no Physical contact between rotor and stator, BLDC Motor life is 10 times longer than normal conventional motor making the motor more rugged for long-term use.

Permanent Magnets used in BLDC fan rotors are responsible for less electric consumption compared to windings used in the stator in an ordinary induction fan. Due to no Physical contact, the BLDC motor also doesn't get heat up if the fan is used 24 hours continuously. 

One added advantage in AC/DC fans due to the use of an electronic circuit within the fan is that you can add additional features at your convenience, Like Remote Control and different addon features like sleep mode and timer, etc. Most of the BLDC Ceiling fans are operated by remote unlike old regulators reducing the maintenance and purchase cost of regulators and increasing convenience. 

Compared to a regular induction fan, a BLDC fan can also save up to Rs 5000-6000/ Year per fan and can cover its buying cost within a year.